When shade is low and the mercury is high, dogs can count on the Swamp Cooler to help get them outside. Strategic material choices and design offer solutions for the challenges that warm-weather exploring presents. The light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation and provides shading while wetting the vest activates our Swamp Cooler™ Tech for that refreshing, just-stepped-out-of-a-lake feeling also known as evaporative cooling. Just give it a soak, put it on your dog, and go. When it dries, re-soak it to recharge it.

The Swamp Cooler Vest includes side-release buckles for easy on/off and a leash portal so it can be worn over a harness – topping of the essential features to make it our highest-coverage cooling option in the Swamp Cooler™ Collection.

What's New: We updated the external air mesh for improved abrasion resistance and improved water absorption, and we developed a new construction that retains more water in high-exposure zones on the vest for a longer charge.

How does Swamp Cooler™ Tech work? Learn more about evaporative cooling and other ways to keep your dog cool here.


  • Relaxed Fit for maximum shade with UPF 50+ coverage and side-release
  • buckles for easy on/off
  • Three-layer construction cools the core
    • das feuchtigkeitsabweisende Außenmaterial reflektiert Wärme und erleichtert die Verdunstung
    • die absorbierende Mittelschicht speichert Wasser zur Verdunstung
    • Mesh lining keeps dog dry and comfortable
  • Der Leinenanschluss am Rücken ist mit den meisten Geschirren kompatibel
  • Reflektorstreifen für Sichtbarkeit bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen und Befestigungsschlaufe für das Blinklicht The Beacon™


  • Outer layer: Polyester air mesh
  • Middle layer: Polyester non-woven felt
  • Futter: Dry-weave polyester mesh
  • Klickverschlüsse: ITW Nexus Waveloc side-release buckles
  • Reflektierende Ziernaht
  • Hergestellt in Vietnam

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