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Unleashing Possibility

With the right gear and a bit of that eagerness to explore that comes so naturally to dogs, there’s no telling what adventure you and your sidekick can unleash next.

Discover more ways to find what's possible with a dog by your side. No matter if it's an epic endeavor or an everyday one, one thing's for sure: dogs will always bring the adventure. How will you Unleash Possibility next?

Ally & Rhea

"When I got Rhea, being in the outside world around things that she had never been exposed to before was scary for her. Unleashing Possibility for us has been being able to help Rhea live her best life."

  • Float Coat™ Life Jacket

    Raft caption. SUP pup. Daily swim and splasher. Whatever your dog's water aspirations are, the Float Coat™ is here for it.

Cara & Kiva

"I think dogs have a way of making us better - they get us off the couch and on the trails, they keep us moving and paying attention to our surroundings and to the beauty of the world."

  • Treat Trader™ Pouch

    Daily affirmations. Honing new skills. Top of the summit snacking. Make every epic and everyday moment a treat with the Treat Trader™ Pouch.

Seth & Rose

"With Rose, we have this mutual trust together. It's this deep bond where we're totally in sync on our adventures. And when we're like that, we can Unleash Possibility and do anything together."

  • Front Range® Harness

    Around the block, down the trail. To the park or up a peak. Ready to go for it? So is the Front Range® Harness.

Theresa & Cassie

"It's really wonderful having so many activities that we can do with her. A bit of extra planning, prep, and research goes into it when we decide to bring her into the backcountry. We take things at her pace and go into it with the mindset that her enjoyment is both our priority and our goal."

Let us know how your dog inspired you to reimagine the adventures you can take together on Instagram @ruffwear, and use #UnleashingPossibility so we can hear your story.

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