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Climbing With Dogs

There's a lot to love about biking with your dog - wind in your ears, dirt under their paws, smiles all around. Here's the gear made to move when it's time to roll.

Top Tales For Climbing With Dogs

  • Six Tips for Crag Dogs (And Their Humans)

    Ruffwear Ambassador Laura Patton and her dogs Star and Colt are big fans of hiking, biking, and skiing through the endless terrain of their Pacific Northwest home. Here are Laura's top 5 tips for getting started when mountain biking with your dog.

  • Waypoints: Max & Billy

    There's no speedier duo than Tom & Hungarian Vizsla Ruby on the trails – Tom on his mountain bike and Ruby on her four paws. Here, Tom shares their favorite waypoint for biking and running, Wakerley Woods.

  • Connections Built to Last

    At a time when my life and my future felt like they had shattered into pieces and I was trying to pick them back up, Bernie was the furry, steadfast presence of love and thrill that allowed me to hold it together and eventually build something even better than I had. Bernie is always by my side. He’s my sidecar.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the right preparation and planning, you can set you and your dog up for a fun time biking together. Practice getting your dog comfortable around your bike, mind the hot weather knowing your dog is working extra hard while you bike, and we always recommend checking in with your vet. They can answer any questions you might have specific to your dog's health.

Biking is a much faster paced activity than walking, hiking, or running with your dog, so they may tire more quickly. Start with short durations and work your way. up. Take plenty of breaks, pack more water than normal, and keep an eye on your dog. Better to call it short and have a little extra left in the tank for the next adventure.

When a dog and human bike on-leash together with the dog running out front pulling, that's called bikejoring. Check out the Omnijore™ System if you're interested in trying this with your dog.

A leash with some stretch and some length gives you and your dog a dynamic connection with some control and leaves room for your dog to run without getting too close to the bike. We recommend connecting to a dog harness rather than a collar when bikejoring. Check out our Roamer™ Leash and harnesses, or our complete Omnijore™ System.