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Jacqueline & Loui


Jacqueline grew up in Impflingen, a beautiful winemaking village in south-west Germany. At the age of 24, her right leg had to be amputated due to a surgical error in her teenage years. Today she is a professional mountaineer and climber in the German national team. After the amputation of her right leg, she discovered her love for the mountains during the rehabilitation period and has since developed an irrepressible passion for mountaineering and climbing. 

Jacqueline is accompanied by her dog Loui. He is trained as a mountain companion dog by Jacqueline, a dog school and the mountain rescue service. He works as a warning in the mountains, walking a few meters in front and alerts Jacqueline of any possible danger spots such as crevasses, rockfalls, slippery surfaces abysses or difficult passages by barking. The two are together around the clock, be it in the mountains or everyday life. Loui loves the mountains at least as much as Jacqueline, so the two are unbeatable team.

Follow their adventures at: @jacqueline.p.fritz

Quotation Marks

Loui is my family. He is my best friend and partner in all situations. He is the most reliable rope partner in the mountains. Loui and I spend every minute together, this is also the basis for 100% trust in mountaineering, climbing, and also in everyday life. We don’t need words to understand each other. Loui helped me in my hardest moments and gave me new courage to face life. Through him I found new courage to rebuild my life in the difficult years after my amputation. The most beautiful thing is the joy in his eyes when he goes outside into the mountains.