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Choosing the Right Dog Jacket

Our dogs are eager to join us and explore the veritable playground that is the outdoors – rain or shine. To keep exploring no matter what winter throws down, Ruffwear designs jackets with a range of warmth and weather protection, all crafted from a dog's perspective.

Which style is right for your dog's next adventure?

Choosing a jacket for your dog is much like the process you go through to pick your own coat. Here are a couple tips, a video overview of all our jackets, and a chart that compares key features to help you decide.

How to Choose A Jacket For Your Dog

What’s the weather?

Ruffwear coats can be organized into three categories to start you off on the right paw for finding the right coat or layer depending on what weather conditions you'll encounter.

  • Shells: Waterproof/water-resistant shells are great for rainy weather, wet snow conditions. Un-lined shells are good for mild temperatures, windy conditions, or very light precipitation
  • Insulated Jackets: High-loft, synthetic insulation adds warmth in cold temperatures. Combined with higher-coverage fits or waterproofing and weather-resistance, these jackets can tackle even the most inclement of weather.
  • Midlayers: Fleece jackets and sweaters (Fernie™ Jacket, Climate Changer™ Jacket, Climate Changer™ Pullover) work as standalone insulation in dry, cool conditions, or as a midlayer worn under a shell in colder or wetter conditions.

The video below goes more in-depth with a look at each jacket and what designers had in mind when developing them. The chart compares key features in each style to help point you in the right direction.

First, we'll go over different fits and coverages to narrow it down even more.

Choosing a Dog Jacket with Sleeves, or No Sleeves?

Jackets with sleeves provide more coverage and more warmth. This style works well in really cold temps, for short-haired dogs who need a little help staying warm, or for long-haired dogs who get snowballs that form on their underside.

Sleeveless jackets or open cap-sleeved jackets are popular among hard-to-fit dogs (i.e. broader shoulders or a thicker chest, neck, or legs). Plus, they typically use buckles instead of zippers that make them even easier to put on – great for aging or squirmy dogs.

Fit Guide for Ruffwear Dog Apparel

While each style of Ruffwear apparel is designed for its intended use, this guide generalizes our fits in three ways.

  • Formfitting: Snug and conforms to the body’s contours. Can be worn standalone or layered under Relaxed apparel.
  • Regular Fit: Tailored with a bit of wiggle room. Can be worn standalone or layered under Relaxed apparel.
  • Relaxed Fit: A loose fit that drapes the body. Can be worn standalone or over Regular or Formfitting apparel. Works well for hard-to-fit dog shapes and sizes.

Ruffwear Dog Jacket Overview & Comparison Video

Our Ruffwear Pack will walk you through the different styles and features of all our winter dog jackets and sweaters.

Dog Jacket Comparison Chart

This covers the general difference in warmth, waterproofness, and ideal conditions between the jackets in our lineup. And if a lead portal for wearing the jacket over a dog harness is important for you and your pup, we've noted which styles have that feature.

You can click through to dig deeper and learn more about each jacket.


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