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Follow Your Nose

New ways & new gear to explore from your dog's perspective.

Break away from the linear. Explore outside the lines. Let those invisible trails of whiffs and sniffs lead you to new discoveries.

With dogs as our guides, the secret's out: if it's the joy and freedom of adventure you're after, chances are it's right under your nose.

How To Follow Your Nose

  • Woman mountain bikes with dog, dog leads on trail in trail shoes.

    We know life and adventure are just better with a dog by your side. They’re eager to tag along, optimistic about whatever adventure the day might bring as they follow your lead.

  • Man skijores with dog.

    But what if we flipped the script and let our dogs take the lead?

  • Corgi in stumptown dog jacket on trail.

    What might you discover by following their nose? You just might unlock a new world, deepen your connection – and be surprised at the power and health benefits linked to the humble snoot.