Hundeausrüstung für den Winter

Hundeausrüstung für alle Outdoor-Abenteuer an kalten Wintertagen. Trail geprüfte und robuste Hundeschuhe, -mäntel, -jacken und Geschirre - und vieles mehr. Wasserdicht und isolierend, ideal für Abenteuer bei Schnee, Regen und kaltem Wetter.

Time to get out and go, winter edition. Our winter dog gear is designed to help keep your dog warm and ready for whatever winter adventures lie ahead. From winter dog boots to winter dog coats and sweaters for dogs, we offer a wide range of winter-friendly options so winter forecasts don’t have to keep you inside. Our apparel and paw protection are built with high-performance, trail-tested materials that provide comfort and protection in a range of winter conditions. Alongside performance comes fun colors and different styles so you can embrace winter conditions with your powder hound – and have a blast doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: yes, dogs can get cold. While arctic breeds (huskies, malamutes) are wearing the equivalent of a high-end layering system, other breeds are wearing a t-shirt. Very young or very old dogs will feel the cold more than healthy adults, and very small dogs tend to get colder more quickly than larger ones.

Tip: do some short test adventures outside in early winter with your dog. You can get an idea of how comfortable they are iutside in different temperatures, and what winter coats or winter boots for dogs might be beneficial for them.

Here are a few observations you can make to know if your dog is cold. Is their tail tucked up between their legs? Are they shivering or shaking more than usual? Are they lifting and holding their paws to avoid the ground? Their energy and enthusiasm levels can also be good indicators of whether they’re feeling comfortable in the conditions.

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Every dog is different, as is everyone’s definition of cold. Short-haired dogs, senior dogs, puppies, and small dogs in particular often benefit from a little extra help staying warm. Depending on your dog’s fur type and their comfort in cold conditions (you know your dog best!) cold-weather dog gear like a dog jacket or dog boots can make the difference between getting outside for an adventure and staying home.

Again, every dog is different. If your dog has thinner fur or sensitive paws, winter dog booties may help provide protection against cold, ice, snow, and salt. If your pup tends to get snowballs stuck in their paw pads or between toes, winter dog boots can help. 

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Dog coats and jackets with sleeves, high coverage, and lofty insulation offer more weather protection and warmth. Our warmest dog jacket is the Ruffwear Furness™ Jacket. 

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