Ob endloser Pulverschnee oder sturmgepeitschte Bergrücken, ob kalte, trockene Tage oder eine unerwartete Regenflut – auf die richtige Ausrüstung kommt es an. Mit unseren wasser- und winddichten Hundejacken, isolierenden Hundemänteln und den weichen, kuscheligen Fleecepullovern seid ihr für alles gewappnet.

To keep exploring no matter what winter throws down, Ruffwear designs dog coats and dog jackets with a range of warmth and weather protection, all crafted from a dog's perspective. Our dog coats and jackets come in various styles to meet your dog’s adventure needs. From lofty and warm dog vests for winter to waterproof dog rain jackets for wet weather and cozy dog sweaters for everything in between.

With a dog winter coat, you can get out, stay out, and play longer in colder temps. Choosing a winter dog coat for your canine companion is much like the process you go through to pick your own coat. Ready to learn more? Check out our guide on how to choose the best dog jacket for your sidekick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every dog is different, as is everyone’s definition of cold. Depending on your dog’s fur type and their comfort in cold conditions (you know your dog best!) cold-weather dog gear like a dog jacket can make the difference between getting outside for an adventure and staying home.

The best dog coats are the ones that match your dog’s needs and the weather conditions. Wet weather? Look for something waterproof. Really cold? Look for lofty insulation. Dry and chilly? A fleece or sweater will do the trick.

Short-haired dogs and small dogs often need a little help staying warm in cool to cold conditions. Long-haired dogs can also benefit from a coat if they’re prone to getting snowballs forming on their underside. If you’re getting outside with your dog on cold-weather pursuits in inclement or winter weather, a jacket can be the difference between joining you for some exploring and staying home.

Dog coats and jackets with sleeves, high coverage, and lofty insulation offer more weather protection and warmth. Our warmest dog jacket is the Ruffwear Furness™ Jacket.

To find the right size coat for your dog, measure around the widest part of your dog’s rib cage. This is their girth measurement and how we size all our apparel, packs, and harnesses.