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Unsere Botschafter

Ruffwear Ambassadors share our belief that dogs make us whole and our relationship with our dogs is shaped by the adventures we share. These athletes and working dogs inspire and challenge us to develop gear that will perform seamlessly in the outdoor environment. They put Ruffwear gear through the rigors of their training and work, providing feedback and sharing their experiences. Learn more about each of our ambassadors and explore their stories below.

All Ambassadors

Alicia and her partner with their two dogs on their back standing with mountains in background.

Deutschland flag ALICIA, KONA, CALI & RUGER


Alexis lays with her three dogs in Ruffwear gear laughing on the ground.

Deutschland flag ALEXIS, COOKIE, SHELBY & LULU

Photographer & Trailblazer

Deutschland flag ANNALIE & TED


Deutschland flag BECCA & TALA

Professional Paraglider

Adaptive dog noodle with wheelchair with skis with humans and other dog stand together on snowy trail.

Deutschland flag BREE, KYLE, NOODLE & SHAMUS

Adaptive Dog

Bronwyn & Arnie on trail

Deutschland flag BRONWYN & ARNIE


Caroline and her dog Fjord sit atop a snowy ridge in the Alps.

Deutschland flag CAROLINE & KÄLLA

Search & Rescue Avalanche Team

Caroline holds her dog Lila in the snowy woods.

Deutschland flag CAROLINE & LILA

Ski Mountaineer & Activist

Chad sits on raft with dog Axe next to a turquoise river and green slope.

Deutschland flag CHAD & AXE

Decorated U.S. Navy Veteran

Chris holds her puppy Sammy in her lap while sitting next to the river.

Deutschland flag CHRIS & SAMMY

Environmental Lobbyist & Fly Fisher

Cory and Rafa sit with dog Bondi by a campfire near a canyon.

Deutschland flag CORY, RAFA & BONDI

City Dwellers & Adventure Seekers

Deutschland flag FAY, LULU & FOXY

Children's Service Manager

Deutschland flag FRIDA, LEO, HENRY & WALLY


Graham and Shannon take a selfie with dog Pebble in the car.

Deutschland flag GRAHAM, SHANNON & PEBBLE

Alpinist & Videographer

Deutschland flag JACQUELINE & LOUI


Deutschland flag JULIE, MAC & ROLO


Katie holds her little dog up next to her face smiling with excitement on a hike.

Deutschland flag KATIE & QUINCI

Desert Dwellers

Katie and Spaghetti, her dog in the desert on her shoulders.

Deutschland flag KATIE & SPAGHETTI

Outdoor Advocate

Max sits with his three dogs, all in front range harnesses, in a grassy field in the mountains.

Deutschland flag KERRY, PADDY & HARRY


PD runs in sun shower jacket in front of Krissy on trail.

Deutschland flag KRISSY & PD

Ultra Trail Runner

Deutschland flag KYARNA, MERLOT & WINTER

Veterinary Nurse

Laura with her two dogs sit on the snow together.

Deutschland flag LAURA, TITAN, STAR & COLT


Linsey sits on her gravel bike on a forest road, with chimmy sitting at her side.

Deutschland flag LINSEY, CHRIS & CHIMMY

Ironman Champion

Marcus trail runs with dog.

Deutschland flag MARCUS & BATMAN

Ultra Runner & Electrical Engineer

Maria takes a selfie with dogs on paddleboard with manatees underneath in the water.

Deutschland flag MARIA, BODIE, WILLOW & RILEY

Stand Up Paddle Board Pro

Nate, Dani and Ranger sit inside tent indoors.

Deutschland flag NATE, DANI, RANGER & LEMON


Selfie of Nathan and dog Turkey on a wooded ridge in the mountains while trail running.

Deutschland flag NATHAN & TURKEY


Noami and Dustin sit with Amara on rug outside van.

Deutschland flag NOAMI, DUSTIN & AMARA

Digital Nomads

Deutschland flag SIOBHAN, ROSHE & LUNAR

Dental Nurse

Cassie eats a snack out of Theresa's hands by alpine lake.

Deutschland flag THERESA & CASSIE

Mountaineer & Music Teacher

Deutschland flag TOM & RUBY

Media Company Owner

Trevor and Kahlua sit on a rock next to a turquoise alpine lake

Deutschland flag TREVOR & KAHLUA


Vernan pets his dog wearing a cooling jacket in the desert.

Deutschland flag VERNAN & HIS PACK

Graphic Designer & Rez Dog Advocate