Spielende Hunde sind glückliche Hunde. Unsere haltbaren interaktiven Hundespielzeuge aus nachhaltigem Naturkautschuk und strapazierfähigen Rip-Stop-Webstoffen halten jahrelang beim Holen, Fangen, Ziehen und Jagen im Garten und in der freien Welt am Wasser.

Ready, set, play – with Ruffwear dog toys, there’s no end to the fun. Fetch, chase, fly, and even problem solve: these are all ways dogs can engage with our toys. Good toys for dogs are ones that both you and your dog can enjoy together to build that bond. That’s why we design interactive dog toys that tap into our dogs’ natural interests. Whether treat dispensing, bouncing, flying, or floating, these toys for dogs are built to last. And if you’re looking for indestructible dog toys, check out our Huckama™ or Turnup™rubber toys – they’re super durable and built to go the distance. There are some crafty chewers out there though, so we always recommend human supervision with any of our toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Gnawt-a-Cone™ for a good toy for keeping dogs entertained with peanut butter or other treats that’ll keep them engaged. The Gnawt-a-Rock™ is a good dog puzzle toy for enrichment where they have to nuzzle and nudge it to dispense kibble or small treats.

The Hydro Plane™ Disc and the Lunker™ Throw & Tug Toy both float super high on top of the water’s surface for easy spotting and retrieving. The Hover Craft™ Disc and the Pacific Loop™ Tug Toy and float at the water’s surface level. The Gnawt-a-Stick™ floats at an angle in the water so that part of it is sticking up for easy retrieval.

The Gourdo™, Pacific Loop™, and Huck-a-Cone™ are all designed for a fun and interactive tug session.