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Hundebetten & Decken

Finde hier die besten Hundebetten - nicht nur für unterwegs. Deine vierbeinigen Abenteuerkumpels verdienen ihre perfekte Schlafmatte bzw. Unterlage für das nächste Nickerchen. Warme, bequeme und strapazierfähige Hundebetten für euren nächsten Roadtrip. Mit verstaubaren Optionen, ideal fürs Camping oder für Rucksackreisen.

Neues Design
Cloudburst Gray (045) Cloudburst Gray (045) Cloudburst Gray (045)
Mt. EverRest™ Hundebett colors

Mt. EverRest™ Hundebett

Tragbares erhöhtes Hundebett

Sale price €179,90 EUR
Tidal Teal (950) Orange Reef (919) Tidal Teal (950) Orange Reef (919) Tidal Teal (950) Orange Reef (919) Tidal Teal (950)
Basecamp™ Hundebett colors

Basecamp™ Hundebett

Basecamp und Alltag

From €80,90 EUR - €126,94 EUR €80,90 EUR - €126,94 EUR
Tumalo Teal (417) Tumalo Teal (417) Tumalo Teal (417)
Mt. Bachelor Pad™ Hundebett colors

Mt. Bachelor Pad™ Hundebett


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
From €115,90 EUR - €146,90 EUR €115,90 EUR - €146,90 EUR
Huckleberry Blue (411) Huckleberry Blue (411) Huckleberry Blue (411)
Highlands™ Hundeschlafsack colors

Highlands™ Hundeschlafsack

leicht, verpackbar

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
From €144,90 EUR - €209,90 EUR €144,90 EUR - €209,90 EUR
Cloudburst Gray (045) Cloudburst Gray (045) Cloudburst Gray (045)
Highlands™ Hunde Isomatte colors

Highlands™ Hunde Isomatte

leicht, tragbar

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
3 Reviews
From €57,90 EUR - €94,90 EUR €57,90 EUR - €94,90 EUR

Find the best dog bed, dog pad, or sleeping bag for your adventure pal's next power nap.

With different sizes and styles, you can choose from a large dog bed to a small one, depending on how much snoozing room your dog needs. Or, if you’re camping or backpacking with your pup, a dog sleeping bag like the Highlands™ Sleeping Bag might be the outdoor dog bed you’re looking for. Hitting the road? Check out our packable and portable dog bed options like the Mt. Bachelor Pad™, Highlands™ Pad, and Basecamp™ Bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best dog beds are those that fit your dog's size and snoozing needs. If they like to sprawl out, you might look for a large dog bed like the Urban Sprawl™. Hitting the road? Look for something portable like the Mt. Bachelor Pad™. Sleeping under the stars? Look for something warm like The Highlands™ Sleeping Bag.

The dog bed: the often forgotten adventure essential. Dog beds are critical so canine explorers can sleep easy, recover, and recharge for their next excursion with you.