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Exploring Public Lands

“Growing up, open spaces did not exist in my world, and it shook my core when I came to realize they existed.” – Adam

At Ruffwear, public lands are part of who we are. We are fortunate to have national forest right out our office door, where we can take lunch runs or hikes, after-work mountain bike rides, test gear, and find inspiration and reminders for why we do what we do. As a company, we spend time together outside, take part in local trail work, and participate in conversations about how our local and regional outdoor recreation areas should be managed. That said, when we decided to make a video about public lands, we didn’t want it to be about us. We wanted it to be about YOU. So, we reached out to our friends, asked for help, and they went above and beyond to share their passion for the outdoors and public lands.

We believe that the first step to protecting public lands is to get out there and enjoy them. We hope that our video will inspire you to do just that – with your best furry pal, of course.

We could not have created this video without our human and canine friends. Learn more about them and how public lands are a part of their lives:

Becca and Tala: Paragliding, Wyoming

“I can’t imagine our life without these open spaces.” - Becca

Becca paraglides with her dog Tala.

Adam, Ellie, and Eddie: Mountain biking, McKenzie River Trail

“Being able to get outdoors with our dogs reminds me that we are all wild animals that share the same planet.” - Adam

Adam mountain biking with dog Ellie running behind him on the trail.

Elissa and Lula: Backpacking, Alder Springs

“Our whole lives have been spent on public lands...enjoying them, and feeling connected to the land and each other through that experience.” - Elissa

Elissa bends down to give dog Lula in Approach pack a kiss while backpacking.

Jenny, Easy Bob, Peaches, and Dusty Bottoms: Fly fishing, Metolius River

“Fly fishing goes hand-in-hand with having a connection to the beauty of the outdoors. It has taught me to experience every precious moment in life.” - Jenny

Jenny fly fishing on Metolius river.

Kristen and Emma: Bikepacking, Deschutes National Forest

“Our favorite way to explore the outdoors together is bikepacking and touring. We have endless dirt roads and trails to explore, taking new paths whenever possible to all of the best views.” – Kristen

Kristen gravel bikepacking with dog Emma in the Ochocos.

Mia, Eddy and Cedar: Fly fishing, Deschutes River

“Public lands have shaped who I am as a steelheader, chukar hunter, fishing guide, and mother to a young daughter and two pointers, giving us freedom to roam, explore, and discover new places together.” - Mia

Mia with dogs Eddy and Cedar in Float coat dog life jackets in fishing boat on deschutes river.

Chad and Mason: Trail running, Mt. Hood

“Trail running is where we go to unplug. It brings us back to simplicity and pushes me to be a better version of myself.” - Chad

Chad throws water to dog Mason from a rocky river bed at Mt hood.

Christina and Nami: Painting and SUP, Sparks Lake

“If I can convey my happiness and love for these wild places through my art and somehow inspire others to enjoy and protect them, then that’s time well spent.” - Christina

Nami naps on a pack with artwork on it while Christina paints behind her at Sparks Lake.

"The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time." - Terry Tempest Williams

Blue river with green tree wilderness along the banks.