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  • 'Tis the Season To Be Giving: Our 2022 Paw It Forward Winners

    At Ruffwear, we believe in using our business for good. Our Paw It Forward program helps us cultivate a world where all dogs and their humans thrive in the outdoors. Seeking some giving inspiration this holiday season? Here’s a recap of our Paw It Forward winners for 2022. 

    A woman high fives her dog while in the snow.
  • We're Pawing It Forward ... And You Can, Too!

    At Ruffwear, we’re purpose driven – we believe in using our business for good. Cultivating a world where all dogs and their human companions thrive in the outdoors is part of our DNA. Looking for ways to give back this Giving Tuesday? Here are some of our favorite organizations we’ve given back to recently. 

    A dog smiles and gives its paw to its owner.
  • The Value of a River

    Jilkaat Heeni, the Tlingit name for a river that others know as the Chilkat River, means “Storage Container for Salmon.” The Tlingit people have stewarded the Chilkat Valley since time immemorial. Its watershed offers sustenance and habitat for both wildlife and people living in the nearby Klukwan and Haines communities.

    Chris carries fishing pole walking along river while dog runs behind in Float Coat.
  • Let's Go Find It: On the Job with Rogue Detection Dogs

    Rogue Detection Teams bring the conservation detection dog method to the forefront of scientific research. They provide knowledgeable field teams and hands-on instruction for researchers, aspiring dog handlers, and citizen scientists, fostering collaboration and community involvement in the world of conservation.

    Bounder Rita Santos and Rogue Hera sniffing for an endangered grasshopper which lives only on the Crau plains in the South of France
  • Why the Arctic?

    The Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place few will visit, but a place we should all work to protect. Protecting the Refuge is about social justice, climate resiliency, and about protecting one of the last truly wild ecosystems in the world. 

    Two dogs run across field in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Let's All Doo-Doo Our Part

    We’ve all seen it. Probably stepped in it. Maybe even watched our dogs roll in it. And as unpleasant as those experiences are, they’re the least of our concerns. Dog poop impacts wildlife and their habitats. And when left behind, it can affect the water supply and pollute our rivers, lakes, and waterways.

    Alli pulls a pick up bag out of the Pack Out Bag while her dog RIggins sits at her side on trail.
  • Exploring Public Lands

    At Ruffwear, public lands are part of who we are. We are fortunate to have national forest right out our office door. We believe that the first step to protecting public lands is to get out there and enjoy them. We hope that our video will inspire you to do just that – with your best furry pal, of course.

    South Sister and the marshlands below it where the water runs off from above.
  • More Valuable Than Gold

    With gold mining proposals poised to change the Paradise Valley, Darcie is part of the effort that is seeking solutions — ones that recognize that the area’s natural values are a tremendous asset. Darcie wants to ensure that future generations and their canine companions can also experience the magic she feels there with her dogs, Ruby and Balto. 

    Dogs in omnijore system skijoring in the mountains.
  • From Shelter To Science

    Imagine being a dog. Not just any dog, mind. A dog with boundless energy and so much drive, you struggle to fit into normal family life. Unfortunately, this means you might spend your whole life in a shelter. Wait, there’s good news! Your intense focus and insatiable urge to play make you a great fit for the Conservation Canines, an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and pairs them with human handlers.

    Dog works a training course at a house in the woods.
  • Worked Like a Dog: In the Field with Conservation Canines

     We sent Alli, our resident ultra runner and ski mountaineer, to California to spend a few days in the field with the Conservation Canines. Her mission was to get to know our CK9 partners a little better and gain first-hand experience with the work they do. She was also collecting feedback on our products and their performance in the field.

    Working dog in custom harness and handler sit on rock during break in the woods.
  • A Golden Boy With A Magical Nose

    Hello, my name is Chester. It has been 8 years since I have chased a chicken. That's because I am fully employed as a Conservation Canine, and I have been part of this program for 8 beautiful years. In my long career, I have studied bears in the Pyrenees, cougars in Washington, wolves in Alberta and bobcats in Wisconsin. I'd like to tell you my story. 

    Chester runs along grass in front of a house.
  • An Interview With Conservation Canines' Lead Dog Trainer

    Ruffwear has been working with the Conservation Canines since 2008. The more we get to know both the people and dogs who make up the organization, the more we are proud to call them a partner and ambassador. We recently got a chance to catch up with Heath in between trips to the field to ask him a few questions about the program, the dogs involved, and the work they are doing.

    Dog in web master harness and ruffwear jacket sniffs ground working while human looks on.