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  • What Do Avalanche Rescue Dogs Do?

    From their rigorous training to their valiant missions, avalanche rescue dogs are truly extraordinary. Let’s uncover what makes these pups such incredible heroes in the mountains. 

    An avalanche rescue dog and his handler
  • #MyDogIsMy: Adventure Buddy - Trust is the Most Important Thing

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala love to travel, hike, paddle board, ski, camp, and adventure together. Discover how these two best buds build trust through all their outdoor pursuits.

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Stephi and Nala hit the slopes together.
  • Field Notes: Snowboarding With Baku

    What does Olympic snowboarder, Omar Visintin, love the most about his sport? Sharing it with his four-legged partner in crime, Baku, a spirited Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who’s been by his side since 2021.

    Omar and Baku look at each other while snowboarding.
  • The Scoop: Top Winter Gear from the Ruffwear Pack

    Straightforward, no-bones-about-it advice on winter dog gear, all from our trusted employees, the Ruffwear Pack.

    Two humans and two dogs wearing a Vert jacket explore in the snow
  • Tips for Cold Weather Adventures and First Aid for Dogs

    There is nothing quite like watching your best friend bounding through fresh snow beside you, or the thrill of being pulled along on Nordic skis by a happy hound. Ruffwear Ambassador & Veterinarian Bronwyn Fullagar offers a few safety considerations for powder hounds, so that you can have a howling good time without having to end the day at the veterinary clinic! 

    Two humans ski alongside their dogs who are wearing Ruffwear Jackets
  • How To Skijore With Your Dog This Winter

    Learn the dos and don'ts of Skijoring from Ruffwear's own Kadee and Sturgill, and Kelly and Juniper. It's a fun winter activity for the whole pack where your pup gets a chance to be in the lead.

    A human and dog Skijore together under a beautiful blue sky.
  • Busting Cabin Fever with Chris and Sammy

    For those winter days when cabin fever seems to be setting in, Ruffwear Ambassadors Chris Hill and Sammy (the one with the paws) share their tips for keeping the stoke high.

    A woman picks up her golden retriever dog and poses with him in the snow.
  • 4 Things to Consider Before Backcountry Skiing with Your Dog

    Riding in the backcountry can be one of the most fun activities you do with your dog. With proper planning and practice, you can share powder turns with your best friend! Here are four things to consider before enjoying the backcountry safely with your tail-wagging sidekick.

    A dog with its human companion head out to ski in the backcountry!
  • 5 Tips for Powder Hounds

    Hi! I'm Riggins, an office dog at Ruffwear. I'm also a trail runner, crag dog, pine cone connoisseur, and powder hound. One of my favorite wintertime activities is backcountry skiing with my humans. Here are five of my best tips for powder hounds (or aspiring powder hounds). 

    Elise and her pup Bailey (in powder hound) at the top of a ski slope ready to drop in.
  • More Valuable Than Gold

    With gold mining proposals poised to change the Paradise Valley, Darcie is part of the effort that is seeking solutions — ones that recognize that the area’s natural values are a tremendous asset. Darcie wants to ensure that future generations and their canine companions can also experience the magic she feels there with her dogs, Ruby and Balto. 

    Dogs in omnijore system skijoring in the mountains.
  • Skiing with Your Best Friend

    If you’ve had the opportunity to go skiing with your dog, you know that there are few activities that are more fun! Our friends Laura, Star, and Titan (of Silas the Sprinter) have been getting out quite a bit and are here to help.

    Two humans and three dogs in vert winter dog jackets ski near Mt Baker.