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  • An Arctic Adventure

    Join Raya and her 12-year-old bull terrier, Grimlock, as they take on one of their all-time adventure checklist destinations: sea kayaking down the Dempster Highway in Canada.

    Raya and Grimlock pose by their van at the Arctic Ocean sign.
  • Field Notes: Snowboarding With Baku

    What does Olympic snowboarder, Omar Visintin, love the most about his sport? Sharing it with his four-legged partner in crime, Baku, a spirited Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who’s been by his side since 2021.

    Omar and Baku look at each other while snowboarding.
  • The Scoop: Top Winter Gear from the Ruffwear Pack

    Straightforward, no-bones-about-it advice on winter dog gear, all from our trusted employees, the Ruffwear Pack.

    Two humans and two dogs wearing a Vert jacket explore in the snow
  • Tips for Cold Weather Adventures and First Aid for Dogs

    There is nothing quite like watching your best friend bounding through fresh snow beside you, or the thrill of being pulled along on Nordic skis by a happy hound. Ruffwear Ambassador & Veterinarian Bronwyn Fullagar offers a few safety considerations for powder hounds, so that you can have a howling good time without having to end the day at the veterinary clinic! 

    Two humans ski alongside their dogs who are wearing Ruffwear Jackets
  • We’ll Be Home For Christmas

    Every year in December, Jessica and dog, Luna, pack up their black Volkswagen Atlas ready for a 2,200-mile road trip from California to Ohio. Here's what she packs, where she stops, and what she does to keep Luna comfortable and energized for a their 32-hour-long journey.

    Luna and Emma sit in the back of their car, ready for a road trip.
  • How To Skijore With Your Dog This Winter

    Learn the dos and don'ts of Skijoring from Ruffwear's own Kadee and Sturgill, and Kelly and Juniper. It's a fun winter activity for the whole pack where your pup gets a chance to be in the lead.

    A human and dog Skijore together under a beautiful blue sky.
  • Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

    If you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts for the dog lovers in your life, you’ve come to the right place. We’re dog lovers too and all our gear is designed to inspire fun outside. We’ve selected gear that will get tails wagging in the winter by offering warmth and extra visibility. Plus, we’ve picked out a few perennial pieces that are trail-ready and budget-friendly.

    Dog licks humans face while sitting on step of nordic warming hut in the snow.
  • Meet Ruddy: Mt. Bachelor's Playful Avalanche Dog

    Ruffwear’s Content Creator, Erin Swanson, recently made the trek to Mt. Bachelor with our Videographer, Photographer, and Community Manager. Their mission? Learn about (and play with) Mt. Bachelor’s newest avalanche puppy in-training, Ruddy.

    Ruddy the avalanche puppy in training sits on a snowmobile and looks up at his handler.
  • The Scoop: Tips & Gear Hacks for Getting Outside with Your Dog This Winter

    A little bit of motivation (and a few aha! gear recommendations from the Ruffwear Pack to break free of the winter doldrums.

    Woman cross country skis with dogs
  • Snow Camping With Theresa & Cassie

    The crisp morning air jolted me awake after a fitful night of sleeping in the snow. I took a deep breath, exhaling a misty cloud before pulling my sleeping bag even more tightly over my face. Cassie lay beside me, snug and warm in her Powder Hound™ Jacket, cozily pressed up against my sleeping bag for extra insulation. 

    A woman and man sit with their dog on a snowy mountain.
  • How To Throw a Howliday Party for Dogs

    This holiday season, we barked the halls and had a ball at our first Ruffwear howliday party for dogs. That’s right, there was a belly rub station, barkuterie board feast, and dog caroling (erm, howling) event. Interested in throwing your own? Here’s what goes on behind the scenes to plan a holiday party for dogs.

    A woman, man, and their dog dressed in holiday outfits pose for a picture at the Ruffwear Howliday Party photo booth.
  • New Gear for Winter 2022

    This winter season, we’re taking a cue from our dogs and pressing the play button. Whether you and your pup are hitting the slopes or fetching sticks in a crisp city park, our Innovative Insulation Collection will provide the warmth to extend your winter play. 

    A woman snowshoes uphill with her dog beside her.
  • A Texas Dog's First Snow

    Ruffwear Content Creator, Erin Swanson, shares the first time she introduced her dog to snow. Read on to hear what she learned and glean tips for how to make snow a rewarding experience for your dog. 

    A dog smiles in the snow while another dog runs by.
  • Busting Cabin Fever with Chris and Sammy

    For those winter days when cabin fever seems to be setting in, Ruffwear Ambassadors Chris Hill and Sammy (the one with the paws) share their tips for keeping the stoke high.

    A woman picks up her golden retriever dog and poses with him in the snow.
  • Winter Paw Protection: Polar Trex™ Dog Boots

    Winter conditions can leave paws cracking, scraped, bleeding, or packed with uncomfortable snowballs, cutting the snow day short. What do you do when the bounding stops and the paw licking starts? The Polar Trex™ Boots can give your dog freedom to keep exploring through the winter months.

    A dog plays with his toy in the snow while wearing Ruffwear Polar Trex™ Dog Boots.
  • Give, Shop, and Wag Like a Local

    Nate and Dani Wyeth live in Bend, Oregon with their golden retriever, Ranger. They offer tips for holiday-ing like the locals here in Bend. You can make these tips work for doing the same in your neck of the woods, too.

    A golden retriever dog runs toward its owner in the snow.
  • New Gear for Winter 2021

    As fall transitions to winter, we bring you new colors for a few of our winter favorites. With these fresh pops of color, your dog will stand out in the blankets of powder. Brighten up your canine sidekick’s winter attire with new colors like Fired Brick, Campfire Orange, and Aurora Teal. 

    A dog and its two owners play in the snow with the Ruffwear Quinzee™ Dog Jacket.
  • 4 Things to Consider Before Backcountry Skiing with Your Dog

    Riding in the backcountry can be one of the most fun activities you do with your dog. With proper planning and practice, you can share powder turns with your best friend! Here are four things to consider before enjoying the backcountry safely with your tail-wagging sidekick.

    A dog with its human companion head out to ski in the backcountry!
  • Breaking Barriers: The Crux of Winter Exploring

    When it comes down to it, the crux of any winter activity is the same. It's not the nose-to-snow steep climb to herringbone up on cross country skis. No, the most decisive, make-or-break moment is the point when one has to leave the deep warmth of a bed or sleeping bag. 

    Puppy wrapped in clear lake blanket carried in backpack.
  • Winter in the Northern Hemisphere

    Perhaps, for those of us seeking a moment of peace, solitude, grounding, or reflection this season, we need only look to nature. To our dogs. To the examples of quiet purpose and joyful exuberance right in front of us. 

    Dog in cloud chaser waterproof jacket leads the way through deep snow next to an a frame hut while human follows behind skiing.
  • Vanlife: Winter Running Tips for Humans and Dogs

    No matter the temperature, my pup loves to dip her belly in puddles, creeks, snow patches, and lakes – if it’s wet, she’s in. Her quirks always add joy to our runs and this life, so we continue to adapt. Vanlife is great for that meditative reminder: be in the moment and know that the moments are always evolving.

    Krissy + PD trail run along forest roads.
  • Gratitude Breakfast

    As the clatter of forks and plates began to quiet, we passed around the Gratitude Bowl, taking turns pulling out a piece of paper and reading aloud to the group what each of us was thankful for – everything from warm socks, to family, each other, and of course, our dogs, made it into the bowl. Tears and laughter and smiles filled that room, as one of our favorite Ruffwear traditions was born.

    Pup Juniper wearing crag collar gives kisses to Kelly while skijoring.
  • Holiday Like The Pros: Ambassador Picks

    Ruffwear Ambassadors share our belief that dogs make us whole and our relationship with our dogs is shaped by the adventures we share. So who better to turn to for some holiday inspiration than our very own Ambassador Pack? Read on for their top gear picks and other ways they make the holidays with their canine companions an extra special time of year. 

    Becca in puffy jacket in snow gets kisses from Tala the husky in Quinzee insulated jacket.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Winter Yurt Camping with Tala

    Becca, Cade, and their dog Tala decided to explore their snowy backyard in style by renting a yurt in the Idaho backcountry for a weekend. They loaded up their bikes and pedaled and pushed a few miles to a cozy yurt in the woods.     

    Cade and Becca hold Tala standing in front of a yurt in the snow,
  • 5 Tips for Powder Hounds

    Hi! I'm Riggins, an office dog at Ruffwear. I'm also a trail runner, crag dog, pine cone connoisseur, and powder hound. One of my favorite wintertime activities is backcountry skiing with my humans. Here are five of my best tips for powder hounds (or aspiring powder hounds). 

    Elise and her pup Bailey (in powder hound) at the top of a ski slope ready to drop in.
  • More Valuable Than Gold

    With gold mining proposals poised to change the Paradise Valley, Darcie is part of the effort that is seeking solutions — ones that recognize that the area’s natural values are a tremendous asset. Darcie wants to ensure that future generations and their canine companions can also experience the magic she feels there with her dogs, Ruby and Balto. 

    Dogs in omnijore system skijoring in the mountains.
  • Preventing Snowballs – The Ruffwear Way

    As snow lovers, we often find ourselves running joyfully through endless hills of white powder without a worry in the world…until…it happens. The inevitable cosmic reaction to fluffy snow when it makes contact with fluffy fur – “Snowballs.”

    Two humans walk behind three dogs running in the snow.