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  • Guide: How To Run With Your Dog

    We're here to introduce you to running in a way that keeps it fun for you and your dog. Ready, set... run!

    Guide for how to run with your dog.
  • From The Couch To An Ultra Run With My Buddy

    When Karl Lee got his first dog, a playful brittany puppy named Sekani, he struggled to tire him out. So, they started running. What began as neighorhood 5ks soon transformed into ultra distances in the Canadian mountains. This is their story.

    A man stands by a blue lake in Canada with his dog.
  • Running for Change: Creating Safe Outdoor Spaces for All

    "Running has become a powerful tool for me in the fight for racial equity in the outdoors. It’s a way for me to connect with myself, with nature, and with my community. But, it’s also a way for me to advocate for change."

    Woman sitting dog and smiling in a desert landscape
  • Ode to a Trail Dog: Running with Riggins

    Alli and Riggins have been running together for over 7 years, covering over thousands of miles and countless mountaintops. Running has been the foundation of their undeniable bond and source of unforgettable adventures.

    Woman and dog run together on a boardwalk in the desert
  • 4-Week 5K Training Plan for Running with Your Dog

    A beginner's 5k training plan focused on building up more time moving together and making running a part of your and your dog’s routine.

    4-Week 5K Training Plan for Running with Your Dog
  • DIG: Behind the Design of the New Trail Runner™ Collection

    Behind the design of the new Trail Runner™ Belt, Leash, and Running Vest – game-changers for runners, seasoned or new.

    Dog wearing a hydration vest trail running with human and jumping over a log
  • The Paths We Share: Trail Running with Nathan & Turkey

    Nathan Nee is an ER Veterinarian. He and his canine sidekick, Turkey, live for exploring the trails together. They've run, hiked, and camped through the mountains and switchbacks of Colorado, Utah, Canada, and Washington. Here, Nathan shares how traversing these paths with Turkey has not only strengthened their bond, but helped him find his own path forward in life.  

    A man holds his dog while standing on the top of a mountain trail.
  • The Paths We Share: Trail Running with Fay, Lulu & Foxy

    "The girls make running so much fun! Their energy is infectious, and I love exploring together. It means I never feel alone when I run, and it gives me a purpose to get out of the door when I don’t always feel like it."  

    woman and two dogs running in the lake district
  • Tips for Running with Dogs in Summer Heat

    Ruffwear Ambassador Krissy Moehl is a running coach, author, race director, and public speaker. Her favorite running sidekick is her pup, PD. Seeing the trails through PD's eyes adds a whole new spin on her passion. Here, we checked in with Krissy and PD to learn their tips for running in the summer heat.

    A woman and her dog smile at the camera on a break from running.
  • Running in the Rain: Tips from Krissy & PD

    As autumn starts to work its way into our weather forecasts, these tips from as seasoned of a running duo as ambassadors Krissy & PD have us eager to lace up and get out with our ever-eager canine sidekicks – rain or shine.

    Krissy and her dog PD running on a muddy trail
  • Vanlife: Winter Running Tips for Humans and Dogs

    No matter the temperature, my pup loves to dip her belly in puddles, creeks, snow patches, and lakes – if it’s wet, she’s in. Her quirks always add joy to our runs and this life, so we continue to adapt. Vanlife is great for that meditative reminder: be in the moment and know that the moments are always evolving.

    Krissy + PD trail run along forest roads.
  • The Year of Chimmy

    While 2020 is not at all how I scripted it, I know down the road I will look back at this summer and be filled with fond memories of sleeping under the stars, splashing in the river, and spending more time than ever with my furry companion. And for that, I am grateful.

    Chimmy and Linsey sit in opposite ends of a fishing boat on the river.
  • Making a Habit of Getting Outside

    Our dogs will be the first to remind us that getting outside each day is a great idea. And whether you’re looking to create some good daily habits or seeking to mix up your routine, making a little more time for your furry companion while getting some fresh air together is a guaranteed win-win. 

    Jake in Hi & Light Harness jumps alongside Timothy on a trail run.
  • How To Trail Run With Your Dog

    Hey guys, Emmett here. I'm a good friend of a human that works at Ruffwear, and I'm kinda new to town. Between all the new smells, funny looking animals on the farm I live on, and my really cool new family, I’m stoked on life. My friend thought it might be fun to try channeling some of that energy into trail running together.

    cristina trail running with her dog Lennon across field by Smith Rocks State Park.
  • Richard & Klinger

    Richard Hunter is a blind endurance athlete who has made it his life’s work to encourage blind athletes to participate in sports and other activities that push the limits of their comfort zone. His guide dog, Klinger, was the first graduate of Guiding Eyes for the Blind's Running Guides Program.

    Klinger lays on his back next to Richard getting pet in a grass field.
  • Pam & Maida

    If anyone is born a runner, it’s Pam McGonigle. She was also born with visual impairment, but that never slowed her down. She was hooked on the sport after winning her first race in 6th grade and went on to compete at the Paralympics, winning gold. In 2008, Pam got her first dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind.   

    Pam in Blind Vest & Maida in unifly run in a trail race.
  • Running Rituals: The Inspiration for the Trail Runner System

    “In my mind, a dog is the ultimate running companion,” Timothy says. “They’re always game, no matter the weather. They’re always happy. I’ve spent 25 years — more than half my life — running with a dog.”

    Timothy sits in back of truck with his dog before a run on the trail.
  • Be In The Mile

    It's not about the pace, time, or average heart rate. It's not about miles covered or vertical gain... Allow your mind to wander. Allow it to dwell, spin, rinse, and release. Be with the moment. It’s adventure. Breathe deeply. It’s love. Follow your nose.

    Nico and sol trail run through green grass field at sunset.