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  • The Scoop: Top Winter Gear from the Ruffwear Pack

    Straightforward, no-bones-about-it advice on winter dog gear, all from our trusted employees, the Ruffwear Pack.

    Two humans and two dogs wearing a Vert jacket explore in the snow
  • Hiking in the Pyrénées : A Practical Guide for an Unforgettable Adventure

    Ruffwear Ambassador, Rose, furry sidekick, Naïa, moved to the Hautes-Pyrénées mountains to be closer to nature and adventure. Here are their top tips for exploring this beautiful part of the world with your dog.

    Naia and Rose stand infront of a beautiful Vista in the French Alps.
  • We’ll Be Home For Christmas

    Every year in December, Jessica and dog, Luna, pack up their black Volkswagen Atlas ready for a 2,200-mile road trip from California to Ohio. Here's what she packs, where she stops, and what she does to keep Luna comfortable and energized for a their 32-hour-long journey.

    Luna and Emma sit in the back of their car, ready for a road trip.
  • How To Skijore With Your Dog This Winter

    Learn the dos and don'ts of Skijoring from Ruffwear's own Kadee and Sturgill, and Kelly and Juniper. It's a fun winter activity for the whole pack where your pup gets a chance to be in the lead.

    A human and dog Skijore together under a beautiful blue sky.
  • Special Tails Belong On Every Trail

    When Emma was diagnosed with numerous, rare, chronic medical conditions at age 12 her life changed forever. But Zander, a four year old German Shepherd who is her Medical Alert Service Dog opened her eyes to new paths. Read their story and learn how to help ensure wholesome, safe and inclusive experiences for the disabled outdoors.

    Special Tails Belong On Every Trail
  • HOW TO: DIY A Dog Crate End Table

    Kadee and dog Sturgill set out to build a DIY crate that can be used to store his toys, apparel, and gear -  and inevitably other items like plants, books, and treats. The goal was to help Sturgill feel safe in his enclosed space while also giving his humans a usable surface that looks nice in our house.

    Kadee sits with her dog on a dog bed.
  • Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy

    For outdoor adventure lover, Fay Preene, wild swimming with her dogs Lulu & Roxy is not just an action or an exercise. It touches on her happiness, her job, the environment, and her social life. Fay has always loved water, be that being in it, on it, beside it or listening to it. She discusses getting to do it with her best four legged friends and provides tips on how to join her and wild swim safely with your dog too.

    Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy
  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

    A woman and her dog sit on a raft while river rafting.
  • Cool Safety Tips for Hot Dogs: Advice From Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar

    Summer is full of long days, happy tails, and dusty tired legs. Before you and your canine companion embark on your first warm weather mission, veterinary surgeon Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar shares her key safety tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. 

    A woman runs on a mountain trail with her dog.
  • 2 Years In: The Joys & Challenges of Working From Home with Dogs

    Now that many of us at Ruffwear have been working remotely for over two years, we are celebrating how working from home with our dogs has brought us closer to them. Read on to hear a few of our team members' takeaways from this wild two-year journey. 

    A woman sits in a chair at home while her dog lays next to her on a dog bed on the floor.
  • Gear Up Your New Dog: The Essentials

    We’ve rounded up our top 7 picks for the essential gear you’ll need when getting a new dog – think of it as your starter kit. One of our Pack Support experts, Kerry, shares how this gear will start you off on the right paw. 

    A man walks on a dirt path in nature with his dog who wears a Front Range® Harness.
  • Trick or Treat Trader™: Dog Treat Recipes, Games, and Ideas

    This spooky season, we’ve got you covered with dog treat ideas and recipes from our Ruffwear team. And keep that tail wagging – check out our treat-inspired ways to play and connect with your dog. 

    A woman gets treats out of her Treat Trader™ Bag to give to her dog.
  • 5 Tipps Wie Man Den Hund Diesen Sommer Kühl Hält

    Mit einer soliden Strategie für heißes Wetter können du und dein Hund auch bei steigenden Temperaturen weiter auf Erkundungstouren gehen. Hier sind einige wichtige Tipps, wie du deinen Hund kühl halten kannst:

    Dog wearing boots running on rocky trail with their human mountain biking
  • Packs and Trails with Amara the Shepherd

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a dog parent, it’s that having a pup allows you to experience life and everyday adventures in a whole new way. For Noami and me, hiking is our favorite pastime. So when Amara joined our pack, there was no doubt we would bring her along on all our adventures.

    Noami and Amara in backpacks by a waterfall.
  • Breaking Barriers: The Crux of Winter Exploring

    When it comes down to it, the crux of any winter activity is the same. It's not the nose-to-snow steep climb to herringbone up on cross country skis. No, the most decisive, make-or-break moment is the point when one has to leave the deep warmth of a bed or sleeping bag. 

    Puppy wrapped in clear lake blanket carried in backpack.
  • New Year's Resolution: Be More Like My Dog

    Looking back, we learned a lot from our dogs in 2020. They've proven themselves wise in the ways of life. I've come to the conclusion that my New Year's Resolution this year is to be more like my dog. If in 2021 I can be half as curious, kind, loving, silly, and eager for adventure as my pup, Lennon, then I think I'll be on the right track. 

    Dog with head inside haul bag looking for treats while woman looks on at the car after mountain bike ride.
  • GO GUIDE: Holiday Your Dog's Way

    Anyone else struggling to keep up with the “go, go, go” pace of the holidays? As explorers, we believe the beauty of “Go…” is in the freedom to choose how we'll finish the sentence. So out with the holiday gift guide, and in with the Holiday Go Guide – a list of ways we’re replacing "Go get" and "Go shop" with "Go outside."

    Timothy and dog jake hike along trail at sunset.
  • The Dog is in the Details: Designing the Home Trail™ Hip Pack

    It used to be quite the production getting out the door with my pup without forgetting any of her or my stuff. Enter the Home Trail™ Hip Pack. I call it my “go-bag.” Now, the time between “Want to go for a walk?” and “Let’s go!” is a simple grab-and-go on the way out rather than the frantic herding of pick-up bags and treats. 

    Dog in stumptown jacket walks with human carrying stumptown coffee cup by Stumptown coffee roaster sign.
  • Six Tips for Crag Dogs (And Their Humans)

    Over the past couple of years, Pebble has turned into a great crag dog, happy to be outside, happy to say hi to other climbers and dogs, and happy to lounge in the sun. Over this time, I have learned some things about being a good owner of a crag dog. Here are six of them.

    Pebble the doodle hikes along trail with Shannon.
  • Making a Habit of Getting Outside

    Our dogs will be the first to remind us that getting outside each day is a great idea. And whether you’re looking to create some good daily habits or seeking to mix up your routine, making a little more time for your furry companion while getting some fresh air together is a guaranteed win-win. 

    Jake in Hi & Light Harness jumps alongside Timothy on a trail run.
  • Bone Appétit: DIY Dog Treat Recipes To Make At Home

    It seems the kitchen is as good a place as any to have some fun with our canine companions right now. So while our bikes and backpacks are waiting at the ready for the green light to get back at it, we're picking up our whisks and getting creative with our favorite sous chefs. Give these two homemade dog treat recipes a try. 

    Tray full of homemade dog biscuits.
  • Go Small or Stay Home: Shifting our Focus in the Time of COVID-19

    At a time of year when we would often be loading up for our first adventure of the spring, we are being asked to scrap plans, stay home, and limit all non-essential travel. As adventurers, being told to stay put can feel stifling, but there are still so many ways we can get out with our dogs!

    Man walks along road with two dogs on waist-worn Ruffwear leashes.
  • How to Up the Fun While You and Your Dog Hunker Down

    Right now, the human and canine employees of the Ruffwear Pack have shifted to working from home in an effort to help protect the health of our community. As we hunker down with our dogs, we're getting creative about keeping their stoke high while indoors. And, we're being mindful about ways to get outside. Here's what the pack is up to these days.

    Bailey lays on her back across Elise's lap inside a fire lookout.
  • What's the Difference Between Waterproof & Water-Resistant?

    What's the difference between the "waterproof" and "water-resistant"? We put together a quick rundown of the performance you can expect from each and in which of our dog gear you'll find them.

    Woman walks along river and waterfall with dog in wind sprinter jacket.
  • How To Trail Run With Your Dog

    Hey guys, Emmett here. I'm a good friend of a human that works at Ruffwear, and I'm kinda new to town. Between all the new smells, funny looking animals on the farm I live on, and my really cool new family, I’m stoked on life. My friend thought it might be fun to try channeling some of that energy into trail running together.

    cristina trail running with her dog Lennon across field by Smith Rocks State Park.
  • 5 Tips for Crag Dogs

    I'm Riggins, a Ruffwear office dog, trail runner, skier, and crag dog based in Bend, Oregon. When I'm not hanging out at the Ruffwear office, playing in the snow, or chasing pine cones down the trail, you're likely to find me at Smith Rock State Park. Both of my humans love to climb at Smith, and I love to join. 

    Two woman and three dogs geared up for climbing walk into the canyon at Smith Rocks State Park.
  • Skiing with Your Best Friend

    If you’ve had the opportunity to go skiing with your dog, you know that there are few activities that are more fun! Our friends Laura, Star, and Titan (of Silas the Sprinter) have been getting out quite a bit and are here to help.

    Two humans and three dogs in vert winter dog jackets ski near Mt Baker.