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  • Six Tips for Crag Dogs (And Their Humans)

    Over the past couple of years, Pebble has turned into a great crag dog, happy to be outside, happy to say hi to other climbers and dogs, and happy to lounge in the sun. Over this time, I have learned some things about being a good owner of a crag dog. Here are six of them.

    Pebble the doodle hikes along trail with Shannon.
  • 5 Tips for Crag Dogs

    I'm Riggins, a Ruffwear office dog, trail runner, skier, and crag dog based in Bend, Oregon. When I'm not hanging out at the Ruffwear office, playing in the snow, or chasing pine cones down the trail, you're likely to find me at Smith Rock State Park. Both of my humans love to climb at Smith, and I love to join. 

    Two woman and three dogs geared up for climbing walk into the canyon at Smith Rocks State Park.