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  • SUP HUND 101: Paddelboarding Mit Hund für Anfänger

    How do you and your dog start paddleboarding without any experience? Learn the ropes with top tips from Ruffwear Pack members and a SUP instructor and dog trainer.

    Brad and umi sitting on a paddleboard in a lake
  • Guide: How To Run With Your Dog

    We're here to introduce you to running in a way that keeps it fun for you and your dog. Ready, set... run!

    Guide for how to run with your dog.
  • How To Skijore With Your Dog This Winter

    Learn the dos and don'ts of Skijoring from Ruffwear's own Kadee and Sturgill, and Kelly and Juniper. It's a fun winter activity for the whole pack where your pup gets a chance to be in the lead.

    A human and dog Skijore together under a beautiful blue sky.
  • How To Plan A Dog-Friendly Honeymoon

    If you’re anything like us here at Ruffwear who include our dogs in just about everything we do, why not include them in a honeymoon, too? Here's how Ruffwear Marketing & PR Manager, Dani, planned hers so dog, Vilas, could join in on the vacation fun.

    Dani, Brian and Vilas smile at the camera during a hike in Moab.
  • Discovering Bikejoring Together

    When Meg adopted Leo, a husky and malamute mix, she realized he was a natural fit for the bike. He could run long miles over varying terrain and enjoyed the thrill of high-speed endurance sports. So, she began training him and teaching him new skills. This is how the pair started bikejoring together.

    Meg and Leo ride on a trail by the woods together. Leo is a large husky.
  • Special Tails Belong On Every Trail

    When Emma was diagnosed with numerous, rare, chronic medical conditions at age 12 her life changed forever. But Zander, a four year old German Shepherd who is her Medical Alert Service Dog opened her eyes to new paths. Read their story and learn how to help ensure wholesome, safe and inclusive experiences for the disabled outdoors.

    Special Tails Belong On Every Trail
  • HOW TO: DIY A Dog Crate End Table

    Kadee and dog Sturgill set out to build a DIY crate that can be used to store his toys, apparel, and gear -  and inevitably other items like plants, books, and treats. The goal was to help Sturgill feel safe in his enclosed space while also giving his humans a usable surface that looks nice in our house.

    Kadee sits with her dog on a dog bed.
  • How to Follow Your (Dog's) Nose

    Let those invisible trails of whiffs and sniffs lead you to new discoveries. With dogs as our guides, the secret's out: if it's the joy and freedom of adventure you're after, chances are it's right under your nose.

    How to Follow Your (Dog's) Nose
  • Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy

    For outdoor adventure lover, Fay Preene, wild swimming with her dogs Lulu & Roxy is not just an action or an exercise. It touches on her happiness, her job, the environment, and her social life. Fay has always loved water, be that being in it, on it, beside it or listening to it. She discusses getting to do it with her best four legged friends and provides tips on how to join her and wild swim safely with your dog too.

    Being Bold: Wild Swimming with Lulu & Foxy
  • 4-Week 5K Training Plan for Running with Your Dog

    A beginner's 5k training plan focused on building up more time moving together and making running a part of your and your dog’s routine.

    4-Week 5K Training Plan for Running with Your Dog
  • How to Become an Adventure Dog

    Woman hiking with dog
  • So findet man hundefreundliche Wanderwege

    Das Finden eines hundefreundlichen Wanderweges ist gleichzeitig Kunst und Wissenschaft, denn das Navigieren durch Features wie Wasserzugang und steiles Gelände mit Leinenvorschriften und Hunderegeln ist nicht einfach. Wir haben hier einige Ideen und Hilfen für die Suche nach hundefreundlichen Wegen in deiner Nähe (oder wohin ihr demnächst auch immer wandert). Also schnapp dir die Leine, ruf deine Fellnase und macht euch auf den Weg.

    How To Find Dog-Friendly Trails
  • How To Throw a Howliday Party for Dogs

    This holiday season, we barked the halls and had a ball at our first Ruffwear howliday party for dogs. That’s right, there was a belly rub station, barkuterie board feast, and dog caroling (erm, howling) event. Interested in throwing your own? Here’s what goes on behind the scenes to plan a holiday party for dogs.

    A woman, man, and their dog dressed in holiday outfits pose for a picture at the Ruffwear Howliday Party photo booth.
  • How To Take a Van Camping Trip With Your Dog

    Want to try a van camping trip with your tail-wagging sidekick? Ruffwear Ambassador Frida Berg has you covered with her top tips & tricks.

    A man and his two dogs with their van camping setup.
  • How To Plan a Trip to Canada With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassadors Noodle and Shamus (and their humans, Bree and Kyle) just wrapped up a road trip to the Canadian Rockies. Read on for Bree’s tips for crossing the Canadian border with dogs and discovering national parks with dog-friendly trails – including how she found trails that were a fit for Noodle, her pup with a spinal cord injury.

    A man and his dog hike in the Canadian Rockies.
  • How To Clean a Dirty Dog's Dirty Gear

    Dogs know how to play, and that means splashing and crawling through nature’s biggest mess-makers. We’ve got you covered with our dog gear cleaning instructions and solutions to your toughest cleaning puzzles. 

    A man and dog walk on a muddy hiking trail near a waterfall.
  • How To Take a Multi-Day Rafting Trip With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Becca Bredehoft is a professional paraglider pilot, tandem instructor, and photographer. She adopted her canine sidekick, Tala, from the Navajo Nation. One of the duo's favorite ways to explore together is on multi-day river rafting trips. Here, Becca shares the tips & tricks she's learned along the way.

    A woman and her dog sit on a raft while river rafting.
  • How To Road Trip With Your Dog: 8 Practical Tips

    Hitting the open road means something different to everyone – maybe it’s about exploring uncharted territory or seeing new places through your dog’s eyes. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered with our top 8 tips for an epic road trip with your dog. 

    A woman sits next to her dog in the trunk of her car at a beach.
  • A City Dog’s Guide to Adventure

    No one understands the city dog life better than Ruffwear Ambassadors Cory, Rafa, and their pup Bondi. Here, we’ve got the scoop on their top tips to kickstart city adventures with your dog.

    Two men sit by the water in a city with their dog.
  • Running in the Rain: Tips from Krissy & PD

    As autumn starts to work its way into our weather forecasts, these tips from as seasoned of a running duo as ambassadors Krissy & PD have us eager to lace up and get out with our ever-eager canine sidekicks – rain or shine.

    Krissy and her dog PD running on a muddy trail
  • 5 Tips for Mountain Biking With Your Dog

    Ruffwear Ambassador Laura Patton and her dogs Star and Colt are big fans of hiking, biking, and skiing through the endless terrain of their Pacific Northwest home. Here are Laura's top 5 tips for getting started when mountain biking with your dog.

    Laura and her dog mountain biking together
  • Camping Mit Dem Hund

    Man kann campen - und dann kann man MIT HUND campen. Allein seine Anwesenheit gibt jedem Moment eine bessere Note. Seine Neugier ist ansteckend, sein Eifer inspirierend.

    How To Camp With Your Dog
  • Vanlife: Winter Running Tips for Humans and Dogs

    No matter the temperature, my pup loves to dip her belly in puddles, creeks, snow patches, and lakes – if it’s wet, she’s in. Her quirks always add joy to our runs and this life, so we continue to adapt. Vanlife is great for that meditative reminder: be in the moment and know that the moments are always evolving.

    Krissy + PD trail run along forest roads.
  • How a Pandemic Can Help You Socialize Your Adventure Puppy

    Simply being around other people, dogs, bikers, and wildlife, and learning to not engage, is an awesome skill to encourage at a young age. And the absolute beauty of this time of COVID-19 we’re living in, with its six-foot social distancing requirement, is that it’s perfect for socializing a puppy. 

    Maria and puppy Willow in float coat sit on paddleboard looking at ducks.
  • Bone Appétit: DIY Dog Treat Recipes To Make At Home

    It seems the kitchen is as good a place as any to have some fun with our canine companions right now. So while our bikes and backpacks are waiting at the ready for the green light to get back at it, we're picking up our whisks and getting creative with our favorite sous chefs. Give these two homemade dog treat recipes a try. 

    Tray full of homemade dog biscuits.
  • How to Train an Adventure Puppy

    Training a dog is an adventure all on its own. The journey is long but the view at the end is a smiling dog with a spark in his eye.

    Maria walking her dog through grass by woods.
  • Exploring Politely On-Leash Using the Front Range Harness

    Collars don’t teach dogs polite manners, pet owners do. Plus, collars can cause injury when dogs pull against them. Instead, reach for a comfortable dog harness, six-foot leash, and lots of super yummy treats. Now, it’s time to get busy teaching your dog polite leash manners.

    Dog in front range harness and leash runs alongside human on trail.
  • Wie Man Mit Dem Hund Wandert

    Hunde begleiten uns gern bei jeder Wanderung. Mit ein wenig Vorbereitung, der richtigen Ausrüstung und einer guten Portion Entdeckerlust (die bei unseren Trail-Kumpels so selbstverständlich ist) bist du schnell auf dem Weg zu einer grandiosen Wanderung.

    Dog Marv scrambling across rocks with human Mary following behind on a hike.
  • How To Trail Run With Your Dog

    Hey guys, Emmett here. I'm a good friend of a human that works at Ruffwear, and I'm kinda new to town. Between all the new smells, funny looking animals on the farm I live on, and my really cool new family, I’m stoked on life. My friend thought it might be fun to try channeling some of that energy into trail running together.

    cristina trail running with her dog Lennon across field by Smith Rocks State Park.
  • How To SUP With Your PUP: Getting Your PUP Back On The SUP

    One of the most important topics covered in this edition is a step-by-step guide for safely getting your dog back on the board from the water. This is the single most important skill every dog-loving paddler should know. Riley, Kona, and I want everyone to be safe out there!

    Bodie in float coat sits by Maria on a paddleboard.
  • Reeling In A Water Hound: Fishing With Midge

    Some might say I am a fishing addict. I am lucky to live in a town that has endless recreation possibilities and lots of water. My husband and I are pretty predictable, so when April rolls around we are feet-first in the river and don’t come out until the snow falls and ice hangs off of our fishing guides.

    Dove and dog midge in float coat sit on the bow of a boat on the river.
  • Top 10 Tipps Fürs Stand Up Paddling

    Ruffwear Ambassador and author of How To SUP With Your PUP, Maria Christina Schultz, offers up her top ten tips for standup paddling with your dog.

    Person paddleboarding with dog at sunset
  • Preventing Snowballs – The Ruffwear Way

    As snow lovers, we often find ourselves running joyfully through endless hills of white powder without a worry in the world…until…it happens. The inevitable cosmic reaction to fluffy snow when it makes contact with fluffy fur – “Snowballs.”

    Two humans walk behind three dogs running in the snow.