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  • Special Tails Belong On Every Trail

    When Emma was diagnosed with numerous, rare, chronic medical conditions at age 12 her life changed forever. But Zander, a four year old German Shepherd who is her Medical Alert Service Dog opened her eyes to new paths. Read their story and learn how to help ensure wholesome, safe and inclusive experiences for the disabled outdoors.

    Special Tails Belong On Every Trail
  • 'Tis the Season To Be Giving: Our 2022 Paw It Forward Winners

    At Ruffwear, we believe in using our business for good. Our Paw It Forward program helps us cultivate a world where all dogs and their humans thrive in the outdoors. Seeking some giving inspiration this holiday season? Here’s a recap of our Paw It Forward winners for 2022. 

    A woman high fives her dog while in the snow.
  • Inspiring a Diverse Outdoors with Ambassador Alexis Martin

    For the month of February, we teamed up with photographer Tommy Corey on a project that highlights individuals who exude Black Excellence and leadership in the outdoor spaces. Ruffwear ambassador Alexis Martin is not only a trailblazer and nature photographer but also a leader within her community. Alexis is making her voice heard by speaking on important topics such as diversity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. 

    Inspiring a Diverse Outdoors with Ambassador Alexis Martin
  • We're Pawing It Forward ... And You Can, Too!

    At Ruffwear, we’re purpose driven – we believe in using our business for good. Cultivating a world where all dogs and their human companions thrive in the outdoors is part of our DNA. Looking for ways to give back this Giving Tuesday? Here are some of our favorite organizations we’ve given back to recently. 

    A dog smiles and gives its paw to its owner.
  • My Dog is My Sidecar

    At a time when my life and my future felt like they had shattered into pieces and I was trying to pick them back up, Bernie was the furry, steadfast presence of love and thrill that allowed me to hold it together and eventually build something even better than I had. Bernie is always by my side. He’s my sidecar.

    Anna on off road handcycle and Bernie on leash next to her bike down the River Trail in Bend.
  • Learning to Adapt

    Adapting has to occur because change is inevitable. Only now, this change isn’t felt in a small community or a family unit or a single person, but through our entire world. If there's anything constant with our world right now, it's the companionship we have with dogs – and that dogs will continue to teach us how to be better humans.

    Noodle in a dog wheelchair runs ahead of human bree and sibling Shamus while on a hike.