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  • SUP HUND 101: Paddelboarding Mit Hund für Anfänger

    How do you and your dog start paddleboarding without any experience? Learn the ropes with top tips from Ruffwear Pack members and a SUP instructor and dog trainer.

    Brad and umi sitting on a paddleboard in a lake
  • The Story Behind the Float Coat™ Life Jacket

    Ruffwear products are born out of the drive to provide a solution to a need or problem. The story of the Float Coat™ Life Jacket is no exception. It began after Ruffwear's Founder had a near miss while running the Kern River with his dog. He saw an opportunity to design a life jacket for dogs that is reliable, comfortable, and safe.

    Founder Patrick Kruse in kayak with his dog in a float coat sitting in his lap.
  • Bondi Falls in Love with Water

    From water skeptic to captain of the SUP, Bondi's journey developing a new love for water has been tremendously rewarding for Cory and Rafa.

    Dog standing on nose of paddleboard on a slow river with two other paddlers in front
  • Two Weeks, Two Dogs and Five Great Lakes

    It had been on my bucket list for a few years – to paddleboard on all five Great Lakes. I wanted to set my paddleboard – pups and all – in each of the five massive freshwater bodies. As a professional paddle boarder and instructor on how to ‘SUP with your PUP,’ it wouldn’t be the same without my Australian Shepherds.

    Maria on SUP with dogs in float coat dog life jackets on great lakes.
  • Making a Habit of Getting Outside

    Our dogs will be the first to remind us that getting outside each day is a great idea. And whether you’re looking to create some good daily habits or seeking to mix up your routine, making a little more time for your furry companion while getting some fresh air together is a guaranteed win-win. 

    Jake in Hi & Light Harness jumps alongside Timothy on a trail run.
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

    Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip
  • Ambassador Field Notes: Bodie's First Road Trip

    Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz headed north to experience autumn foliage and to treat pup Bodie to his first road trip adventure.

    Maria paddleboards along fall colored trees with two dogs in float coats on her board.
  • The Road Less Traveled

    Before Trevor DeHaas met his dog, Kahlúa, he was working a corporate job, living in the city, and ignoring his kidney disease. When Kahlúa came into his life, he quit his job, began exploring the outdoors, and started to take better care of his health. He is now an adventure photographer, living his best life. 

    Trevor and Kahlua on point looking out over crazy rock formations in the water on Oregon Coast.
  • Teaching Tala To Love The Water

    Our dog wasn’t exposed to a lot of moving water in her first year and a half of life. As with all new activities, we started slow – throwing her favorite toys for her in calm, shallow water. She loves playing ‘ball,’ so it was good motivation to work her way up to short easy swims. 

    Cade rows raft while Tala sleeps in float coat at his side.
  • 5 Things Your Dog Wants To Do With You This Summer

    Trying an activity that's new for your pup or new for you is both a rich and deeply rewarding experience. You'll forge a stronger bond and create memories that'll make you smile long after they happen. You'll laugh a lot, splash a lot, and possibly even pick up a new hobby you'll love a lot.  

    human and dog in float coat dog life vest on stand up paddleboard in middle of lake.
  • How To SUP With Your PUP: Getting Your PUP Back On The SUP

    One of the most important topics covered in this edition is a step-by-step guide for safely getting your dog back on the board from the water. This is the single most important skill every dog-loving paddler should know. Riley, Kona, and I want everyone to be safe out there!

    Bodie in float coat sits by Maria on a paddleboard.
  • SUP Manatees: Maria, Kona & Riley Explore Florida’s Fresh Water

    Paddling with manatees and my dogs is a combination that’s been on my SUP bucket list for years. The dogs were as curious about the manatees as the manatees were of them! Riley and Kona inquisitively peered over the rails to watch the manatees play, swim, and splash around our board. 

    Overhead shot of Maria and her two dogs paddleboarding
  • Top 10 Tipps Fürs Stand Up Paddling

    Ruffwear Ambassador and author of How To SUP With Your PUP, Maria Christina Schultz, offers up her top ten tips for standup paddling with your dog.

    Person paddleboarding with dog at sunset